We Always Knew


We always knew it wasn't about the life of the baby; or about the life of the mother

We always knew it wasn't about having a consistent pro life ethic

We always knew it was about controlling women

We just couldn't point to any proof to show exactly how we knew it

Until we found the proof

In the messages to his mistress where he encouraged her to get an abortion if she did turn up pregnant while simultaneously posting on Facebook about the "right to life". While being lauded by the Family Research Council for his stance on abortion and for his general "family values" Representative Tim Murphy was proving behind the scenes that when it comes down to it, the pro life ethic he espouses has nothing to do with benefiting anyone's life outside of his own. Caring about the unborn becomes secondary when it's his life, his career, his marriage on the line. But any woman in the same position? Well that's just too bad. He doesn't have the time to worry about that. He has abortion bans to pass in the house. And yes he has since resigned but if you think he was the only one you haven't been paying attention. He's just the one that got caught. But he's not an anomaly.

And we knew it. We knew it all along. That our politicians who rant and rave about how precious life is, we knew deep down that there was something else going on. And that something else was controlling women's bodies. She should get rid of that baby because it could ruin his career. But he needs all the other women in his district to never be allowed to do the same because it could ruin his career. You know what's missing in that way of thinking?

A real pro life ethic.

And yet my tribe is all too happy to line up behind any politician who claims he or she values life. I'm sorry, I shouldn't say values life. I should say values a cluster or cells. Because can it be a pro life ethic if your representatives support health care legislation that makes pregnancy a pre-existing condition for which women can get denied coverage? Can it be a pro life ethic if your representatives fight for your employer's right to deny covering birth control in your health plans? Money taken out of your pay check. Your own money that cannot be used to cover medicine you may need for a variety of reasons beyond family planning because your boss thinks preventing sperm and egg from meeting is the same thing as abortion. Is it a pro life ethic if your representatives fight for massive cuts to CHIP and Medicaid which cover the health costs for millions of low income children? Is it a pro life ethic if your representative bows to pressure from the NRA refusing to ban powerful assault rifles and ammunition that can kill and injure hundreds in the space of a few seconds? And is it a pro life ethic if your representative refuses to cover abortions for anyone that isn't his own mistress?

No it damn well isn't.

So spare me your hand wringing on how my generation will follow the godless liberals right into moral relativism. I won't say that liberals have the monopoly on a consistent pro life ethic. They don't. But they don't shameless shill for my vote on the basis that they do. They are much less likely than the other side to throw the name of Jesus over their watered down theology and expect me to drink it up like it's living water from the Savior himself. I choke on the hypocrisy. And yet I watch so many of us drink it right down. We play right into their game. We believe their lies. And then the lights get turned on. Our sins have found us out. 

We always knew people like Representative Murphy were full of it. Now we have proof. What we do with that proof remains to be seen. I hope it means we wrestle back control of the narrative. We stop being led by wolves in sheep's clothing and we follow our good shepherd instead. Because his pro life ethic is perfect.

Representative Murphy would do well to investigate it for himself. 

Janelle Saaybe2 Comments