Pop Culture Picks: April Edition

At the start of each month I write a post detailing my current pop culture obsessions; the things I'm watching reading and listening to that are "giving me life". Feel free to add to the conversation by leaving your own suggestions in the comments. You may see something you suggested feature in the future!

Currently Listening (podcast):

You Must Remember ThisI grew up loving classic movies. Weekends would always find me flipping over to Turner Classic Movies ready to discover a classic I had never seen before. Pop Culture and movies can often get the short end of the stick when it comes to good criticism. Studying "star culture" gets labeled as a waste of time. But really, by studying what a culture values; it's movie stars, it's films, you get a sense of the culture itself. And that's why I love Karina Longworth's podcast. She delves into really interesting stories about actors and actresses you know, but also many you don't. And in delving into these stories you learn not just about them, but about the world they lived in; what that world valued, what they didn't value. The production values on this show are phenomenal. Karina monologues a beautifully written script with lots of guest voice actors and clips from interviews and performances. I've mentioned her before on the blog but that was when I was just beginning to listen to her so I had to come back now that I've worked my way almost through the archives to tell you that if you haven't listened to this podcast yet, the time to start is now. 

Currently Reading: (Magazine)

The New Yorker: Post election I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth was when it came to supporting those doing the hard work of reporting and journalism. So I subscribed to a local paper, a national paper, and a news magazine. I chose The New Yorker mostly because at the time they were doing an incredible deal on the print and e-version of their magazine. But thankfully, this choice has turned out to be a wonderful choice for my brain not just my wallet. First of all ,I love getting mail so having the print version of the magazine show up in my mailbox weekly is lovely. What I also love about The New Yorker is the variety you find in it's pages. In one issue there could be an in-depth article about Russia and all that complicated country encompasses; followed immediately by a review of the movie Get Out, which is followed by a short fiction piece written by Zadie Smith, followed by an interview with the woman who directed the Beyonce Formation music video. Print journalism is more important than ever. If you've been wanting to support in some way picking The New Yorker is a good option.

Currently Listening (music)

Young the Giant: I always find it hard to write the bit in these pieces about the music I'm obsessed with. Maybe that's because I've found that language is such an imperfect tool for describing what music makes me feel. I love Young the Giant and I have a hard time putting why into words. Musically they hit the sweet spot of my brain that loves guitar but not an overwhelming guitar; that appreciates a good drum beat that doesn't overpower but also isn't so chill it could border on easy listening. Vocally I'm simultaneously in love with and insanely jealous of Sameer Gadhia's voice. It's like silk. Listening to Young the Giant is like the best moments of life. When I'm sitting on the train and I know I'm headed somewhere great...that's the feeling they give me. I didn't pick a particular album or song because you can't go wrong with any option, but give Mind Over Matter a listen below because if this doesn't convince you to give them a shot, nothing will.


Currently Watching (TV)

The Americans on FX: This show. Oh this show. The basic plot is two KGB officers married with children who don't know their parents are spies are embedded in 1980's Washington DC to go on missions and try not to get caught by their neighbor who works for the FBI. But the show is less concerned with the nitty gritty of the missions as much as it is in using those big stories to tell little stories. Stories about marriage. About love of country and love of family. About trust. About right and wrong and all the shades of gray in between. It is a phenomenal show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The previous seasons are available to binge on Amazon Prime and I couldn't recommend it more.

There we have the picks for April. Join the conversation by leaving your own pop culture suggestsions in the comments and I'll be back in May with more Pop Culture Picks!


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