A response to Jerry Falwell Jr.

"I think Evangelicals have found their dream president"

Their dream president. 

We found him

Thank God.

Thank you God for a man who calls Kim Jong-Un a "smart cookie". Kim Jong-Un who killed every political opponent who stood in his way to power. Kim Jong-Un who allowed thousands of his own people to starve to death. Kim Jong-Un who holds thousands of Christians in prison camps and jails. Thank you God for the man who is anxious to be friends with Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin who has made evangelizing illegal in Russia. Vladimir Putin who poisons and murders his political opponents. Vladimir Putin who supports a Syrian regime that gasses its own people. What an answer to prayer!

Thank you God for the man who knows that the best way to get what you want from a woman is by moving on her like a bitch because when you're a celebrity they let you do whatever you want. Thank you God for the man who puts America first...screw those refugees who are dying daily in a horrific civil war....those aren't the people God cares about. Thank you God for the man who takes delight in his lack of knowledge. Thank you God for President Donald Trump. Making the lives of (WHITE) Evangelical Americans better every day he resides in the White House. What an answer to prayer!

Mr. Falwell's blood boils when he thinks about moderate republicans? Making my blood boil doesn't even begin to describe the feelings in my soul when I read his words. And it's not his words of support for this president. It's that he claims to speak for the one who I know would have some tables to flip if he was in our presence. How dare you. How dare you drag the name of Jesus into your praise of this man. Jesus told his followers if you seek to save your life you'll lose it but if you give up your life you will save it. That if we want to gain eternal life we must sell all we have and give it to the poor. Jesus is the man who washed the feet of his followers, including the one who would soon betray him and turn him over to be killed. 

Mr. Falwell, your type of "Christian" values a close reading of Scripture above all else. So I suggest you go back to those Scriptures you claim to hold so dear and actually read them. Read the prophets and see how God dealt with his people when they turned their backs on the most vulnerable. Read what happened to the people of Israel when they demanded a King to lead them no matter how evil he might turn out to be over the judges God had placed over them. Read the words of Jesus when he said that if you want to be great in God's kingdom you must first be a servant of all. And ask yourself which kingdom are you trying to be great in? 

Psalm 106:15 says "And he gave them their request, but sent a leanness to their soul" I am watching this verse play out in real life. White American Evangelicals...I guess we have gained the world. Finally we can say Merry Christmas without recourse. Screw any other religion. It's our month. We can finally save every unborn baby. And once they're born? Let their waste of space welfare queen mothers figure out what to do next as long as it doesn't include asking us for help. We can finally deny health coverage to those who work for us if we don't want to cover their family planning expenses. We can finally deny service to a person based on their sexual orientation. 

Finally, we have gained our world...The United States. Who cares if we lost our souls along the way?

Father forgive us

Brothers and sister around the world...forgive us

We know exactly what we do, but we do it anyway.

Christ have mercy