Pop Culture Picks: August Edition

Each month I write a post detailing my current pop culture obsessions; the things I'm watching reading and listening to that are "giving me life". Feel free to add to the conversation by leaving your own suggestions in the comments. You may see something you suggested feature in the future!

Currently Listening (podcast):

Go Pirates: Veronica Mars by Previously.tvVeronica Mars was one of those shows. If you watched it you were obsessed with it and tried to get everyone you knew to watch it. I owned all 3 seasons on DVD and almost wore them out I watched them so much. Previous.tv is a website that recaps television in a witty and humorous manner. They have recently moved into podcasting and have several where they cover current and past television shows. This particular one goes through each episode of Veronica Mars pointing out plot points you may have missed, as well as behind the scene trivia. It has been so great to not just re-watch one of my favorite shows, but to listen to other people talk about it as obsessively as I do. If you've never watched the show this is a great introduction to it, and if you know and love it this is a great new way to love it. 

Currently Reading (Book):

What is the Bible? by Rob Bell:  You may remember Rob Bell as the guy who wrote a book a few years ago that said he wasn't sure if hell really existed and The Church went crazy. Now if you read that particular book you would know that wasn't the thesis of it but I'm not here to talk about that book (although I do recommend picking it up if you've never read it). His latest book is about the Bible. If you have gone through any period of deconstructing your faith then you know that the Bible can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks you face. Bell doesn't come at the Bible from a place of anger and confusion. He comes at it from the perspective that this book can truly change everything in your life, if you read it correctly. The chapters are short and written in Bell's typical clear easy to focus way. Wherever you are in the journey of faith this book will speak to you.

Currently Listening (music):

Melodrama by Lorde: My great love of Top 40 pop music has been well documented. There is not a trace of music snob in me. But what's great about this album is that it's Top 40 pop that those who consider themselves music snobs can't turn their nose up against. Lorde is one of the most interesting musicians creating pop music today. This album is truly a throwback to the time when an album had a through line and wasn't just a bunch of singles. The story follows Lorde through one long crazy night after a breakup and each song builds on the last. It's hard to just recommend one song to listen to; you really should hear the whole album from start to finish. But if had to pick a favorite it would be the last song, Perfect Places. It's a loud raucous dance song but the lyrics are what make it. Partying the night away doesn't fix what hurts inside..there is no perfect place that will do that. But Lorde is going try her hardest anyway. 

Currently Watching (TV):

30 Rock on Netflix: There are a few fictional characters on television that I identify with on a viceral level. Liz Lemon portrayed by Tina Fey is one of them. Her inability to stop sarcastic comments from coming out of her mouth, her constantly rolling eyes, and her disdain for the idiots she encounters in her daily life speak deeply to me. Also the show is just a laugh riot. Joke after joke after joke come flying at you so quickly you can barely catch your breath. It's the perfect show to rewatch during the heat of the summer. It doesn't require much concentration, the episodes are only 21 minutes which makes them immenantnly bingeable, and best of all, they make you laugh. If you never watched the show when it was on start now, you'll be glad you did. And if you did watch it consider doing a re-watch...it's even funnier than you remembered.

There we have the picks for August. Join the conversation by leaving your own pop culture suggestions in the comments and I'll be back in September with more Pop Culture Picks!

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