The Spirit of God is Speaking

The Spirit of God is speaking.

That's a phrase we're very fond of in the Church. Especially the charismatic, Pentecostal church. We talk about the moving of The Spirit. We pray for a fresh outpouring of it. We pray for a revival of it. We ask to walk in the path of it. We get "led" by it. Our denomination was founded on the idea that The Spirit of God speaks to us all. That Jesus promised to pour his Spirit out on us all. Our young men will dream dreams and our daughters will prophesy. These were our birthmarks; the things that set us apart. The Spirit of God was speaking. Coming from a direction we did not expect; out of mouths we never dreamed would speak it. 

It's happening again.

Can you hear it?

The Spirit of God is speaking. It is speaking loudly. But we're looking in the wrong direction. After all we know how the Spirit of God speaks. It speaks from this direction; from this pastor, from this building. And we know what it says. The Spirit affirms what we've always thought for generations. This voice is familiar to us. Comfortable. It wouldn't move us too far out of our comfort zones. 

We're missing it. We're standing with our faces turned one direction stubbornly insisting that as soon as we hear from the Spirit we'll move. We'll say the thing that makes us uncomfortable. We'll look our sins in the face and deal with them. We'll humble ourselves before God and before our brothers and sisters we've hurt and we'll ask forgiveness. We'll do justly and love mercy...just as soon as we hear from the spirit.

And still The Spirit of God speaks

From behind us. From the direction we didn't expect. Out of the mouth of the person we don't like. That can't be the Spirit we say. She's too political. He's too angry. She didn't use the right tone. He didn't take into account the multiple sides to every story. That's not the Spirit. We know the Spirit. 

Do we?

Let me be the first to humble myself. I have been willfully blind; to the things that make me uncomfortable, to the things that ask too much of me. I have pretended they don't exist so I can stay safe in my little box. No more. The Spirit of God is speaking. Speaking to me.

I'm his daughter. And I've got to prophesy. We are missing it. Missing that voice. We have to turn our heads toward it. We have to move in spirit and truth. We have to pray intensely. We have to intercede and then move forward with concrete action. We have to be on the forefront. We have to lead not follow. We have to speak up not stay silent. That's the direction The Spirit is pulling us. 

Do you hear it?

The Spirit is speaking

And this is what the Spirit is saying

Racism is sin

Racism is evil

Racism is demonic

Racism is alive and thriving in our country

Our President instructs us to "see both sides" The Spirit of God gives no such instruction. There is no "other side" to this. The Spirit of God is telling us what to do. We condemn these actions. Period. Without adding "but what about them?", or "both sides have blame" at the end.

The Spirit of God is speaking. We pray and we act. There is no alternative. Our gospel demands it. The Spirit of God speaks and now we speak. No more excuses. The Spirit of God is speaking. 

Will we listen?

Will we go?

The Spirit of God is speaking

Pay attention

Janelle SaaybeComment