In the event of my death

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It seems more and more likely that what I'm about to say needs to be said. It might happen while I'm at the movies. It might happen while I'm at work. It might happen on the train. It might happen at the library. So I want the people I love to know what I want. Not just what I want, but what I require.

In the event of my death from gun violence politicize it immediately. Don't listen to the people that will say now is not the time to talk about it; I'm telling you it will be. Don't be distracted by those who argue there's a million others things we have to fix and thinking gun safety is the answer is ridiculous. It's not. It's the thing I want you to focus on. When other Christians wail about how many babies we kill every day as an excuse to not focus on my own death remind them life is more than just the fetus in the womb. I'm fine with you using my death to go after the hypocrisy that resides in our government halls and in our churches. I'm fine with you using my death to attack the NRA which is not about protecting guns rights so much as it is about protecting the rights of certain peoples  ( *cough cough white peoples cough cough*) access to guns at the expense of the rest of us. I'm not just fine with you politicizing my death. I require it. Don't wait for me to be buried in the ground. Start the moment you hear of my death. 

I've heard all the arguments. That the right to bear arms is written in our constitution.That taking access away from certain type of guns won't stop these shootings. That it's a mental health issue. That it's a sin issue and if we just put God back in our schools it would stop. And the thing is; there's an answer for every single one of those excuses. But I don't need to go through them all because you've heard them too. And you know they're right. You know that our constitution also didn't let women vote and said owning slaves was okay. You know that we regulate things knowing that people will choose to misuse them all the time. (Cars, alcohol, cold medicine) You know that the mentally ill are much more likely to be the victim of gun violence than perpetrators. You know that when God was in the schools that was also the time that segregation reigned so was it really such a beautiful time or was it merely a nice time for white people?

You know all these things. The only reason to say "now is not the time to talk about this" is not out of respect for the dead. It's out of fear for yourself. Because your rant about the second amendment and the rights of those who wield that power looks pretty small next to the bodies of 14 teenagers, or the babies at Newtown, or the people in Las Vegas. Think of the children right? It's why we can't have transgender people use their correct bathroom because after all who will think of the children? It's so dangerous. But hey access to an AR-15 that will rip their tiny bodies to shreds? Who cares. We've gotta protect ourselves you know. It's my right as a civilian to protect myself with a military grade weapon. 

If I die from gun violence know that the only thing I would want from those who knew and loved me was for you to use every breath in your body to demand something be done to enact common sense gun safety laws. Please value the life in my lungs as much as you value the theoretical one in my womb. I'm not just an incubator for life; I am life. My creator breathed it into me. And yes that creator saw me in mother's womb, but also outside of it. 

Gun violence silences a voice. A voice that had things to say; ideas to share and places to go. It is the job of the living to make sure the dead do not stay silent. Those kids in Florida know that. And now my friends and family know it too. Their deaths will never be made right this side of eternity. But we can show them respect in death. We let them down in life. Let's not continue to let them down in death. Politicize their deaths. And if you just can't...politicize mine. I'm giving you permission now; while the breath is still in my lungs. 

Do you want to wait till I'm not here to do it? Or are you brave enough to do it now? With me? Because I'm ready to take action. And you should too. Enough is enough. Find a Moms Demand Action group and demand action; before your required to take it after someone you love is gunned down. Do it for the ones we didn't speak up for until it was too late. Do it for the ones we still can. 

In the event of my death....politicize it.

But now in the midst of my life....fight with me. 


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